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The Complete Portable Display System for Trade Show

Nothing tops Snappanel when it comes to versatility. Snappanel is your complete portable display system for trade show that can be changed into thousands of display solutions. These possibilities are endless simply by rearranging the panels — a tabletop can be reconfigured as a free-standing tower, which can be reconfigured as a back wall or kiosk.

Portable display systems help showcase your company and ensure that it will be noticed. There are an unlimited variety of options to choose from when selecting your trade show portable display system.

Our portable display system allows creating a custom look by substituting our different components and selecting from over 500 fabric colors and laminate options. Choose accessories such as brackets, shelving, waterfalls and hooks to efficiently and attractively display your products. Incorporate pedestals, alcove counters and towers for a more dramatic finish. Adding graphics to your display will reinforce the strength of your brand*.

If you need a portable trade show display system that transports easily and can be set up fast, consider our lightweight portable display booths. Imagine an entire display booth with big professional graphics, but lightweight, fast and easy to install.

Contact Snappanel today by phone at (888) 775-7795 or use our easy online form to learn about our unlimited Slatwall possibilities!

*Branding Tip: have stickers or business cards available to hand out at your display that has the same logo represented in your booth. By doing, this, you’re allowing visitors to take your brand home and remind them who you are by using the same colors and logos!ur unlimited Slatwall possibilities!

Snappanel’s Versatile Display Booths are
  • Fast and easy to Assemble (No Tools Required)
  • Strong and Durable
  • Lightweight (Weight: >5lbs)
  • Professional & Attractive
  • Made of Strong Plastics
  • Available in Slatwall and Solid
  • Affordably Priced; an Outstanding Value
  • Easy and fast to Accessorize with Lighting, Shelving & More
  • Packed in Sturdy Shipping Cases and Tubs
  • 2ft x 2ft x 3/4 inch thick
  • 1ft x 2ft x 3/4 inch thick


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portable display system
portable display system
portable display system