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How Have Trade Shows Changed Over The Years?

If you have been attending trade shows for a long time, then you have probably noticed some new trade show trends that have evolved over the past couple of decades. If you are new to the trade show industry, however, here is a list of new trade show trends (along with an explanation of the old standard practices).

Networking Over Information

One of the many new trade show trends emphasizes the importance of meeting new contacts over learning new information. In the early days of exhibiting, trade shows were one of the only places you could find up-to-date industry information. With the invention of the internet, however, this is no longer the case – nowadays, the point is to generate leads and interest.

 You Better Be Accurate

Exhibitors used to be able to get away with more half-truths and even bold-faced lies. Since everyone has their own personalized fact checker in their pocket, nowadays you have to double check your exhibit’s information and be sure not to embellish. Otherwise, you’re going to get called out on any and every inaccuracy when it comes to your booth’s information.

 No Free Admission

Believe it or not, paying for attendance is a relatively new trade show trend. In the early days of exhibitions, everything was free and everyone was welcome. Now, however, exhibitions are becoming increasingly targeted – sometimes sponsors will even select their audience by invitation only and reject the rest.

 No Labor Monopoly

Trade show management used to appoint you their own in-house contractor. This was a mandatory, non-negotiable (and usually outrageously high) charge. Thankfully, exhibitors are now allowed to choose their own staff as their please.