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How to Choose the Right Trade Show for Your Business

Picking the right trade show for your business can be daunting. There are many different types of trade shows, but two basic groups stand out the most:


  • Consumer Shows: If you are looking to directly reach out to the public, or if you are trying to conduct market research, then this is the right trade show for your business. Travel to consumer shows only if you are less concerned about making insider contacts.
  • Trade Only Shows: Instead of an all-consumer audience, these shows are where you’ll find investors, suppliers, and other company representatives. This is a great opportunity to share marketing tips with other insiders, find non-competitive connections, and learn about the right trade shows for your business.


Once you have decided between consumer shows and trade only shows, ask yourself these three questions to further narrow down the search:


  • Does this show have a good history? Check reviews to see how many exhibitors would recommend the event in question.
  • What will the audience be like? For example, is this going to be a loud and chaotic event, or more laid-back?
  • How large is this show? Check the registry to see how many vendors there were in previous years.