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How to Think of New Ideas for Your Next Trade Show

At modern trade shows, companies are starting to wise up and diversify their products and services. In fact, it is not uncommon for an entrepreneur or a small business to hire trade show companies to think of multiple new ideas to present at exhibitions. Let’s look at where these creative agencies are drawing their creative from.


Trade Show Companies Get Their Ideas from Niche Industries

Trade show companies will often focus on a small target audience, thinking about what they want and need from a consumer’s perspective. Sometimes, targeting a very specific customer base can gain you a small – but loyal – following in return. Think of it this way: the less competitors, the greater chance of success. Also, if the competition rate is low enough, people will be willing to pay top dollar for your new idea.


Trade Show Companies Get Their Ideas from the Competition

Trade show companies will “borrow” ideas from the competition and slightly modify them just enough to be considered original. For example, if they can take an existing product and make it a different size (“pocket-sized” or “industrial”), or improve upon a working mechanism of an existing product, then they have technically created a new invention. Be careful not to violate patents when taking this approach.


Trade Show Companies Get Their Ideas from Unsatisfied Customers

Good or bad, people are always willing to give their perspective. Go to the complaint section of any company forum or check their social media website for negative feedback. Usually, these bad reviews can be a great source of inspiration for designing a completely new product that will revolutionize your chosen industry.