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Trade Show Planning: A Beginner’s Timeline

A lot of people think that trade shows are easy, but if you have a great invention that other people need to know about, a lot of prep-work is involved before it can hit the booth. Trade show planning requires special attention to details and deadlines, and if this is your first exhibit, there are a lot of issues that can go wrong. We at SnapPanel want you to succeed at your first trade show, which is why we have made a timeline specifically for trade show planning to make the process less daunting.

4 Months from Trade Show

  • Set a budget – this is the single most important aspect of your presentation. It determines everything from your booth’s size to which trade shows you can afford to attend.
  • Design your exhibit – it is never too early to begin to generally think about your banners, displays, and overall layout.

3 Months from Trade Show

  • Choose staff – contact your prospective staff and make sure they are available months in advance. If you run out of leads, ask your best staff members who they would recommend.
  • Interview designers – unless you are going to do your own designing, now is the time to contact professional exhibit designers.

2 Months from Trade Show

  • Finalize staff – officially hire the booth staff, choose their uniforms, and finalize an exhibit designer.

One Month from Trade Show

  • Preshow promotions – now is the time to send your first promotional material to prospective leads telling them of your exhibit.
  • Train your staff – your staff should have at least one month of training as to your company’s purpose, policies and goals.
  • Verification – contact organizers and let them know you are still on your way.

With these trade show planning tips, you’ll know exactly when to take the next step.