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5 Common Trade Show Myths Debunked

Before the recession hit in 2008, trade shows included large booths, expensive floor space, lots of free food and tons of visitors. Almost a decade later, nothing much has changed except for the crowd. So, here are 5 common trade show myths debunked that can help you improve your trade show:

1.     Bigger is Better

Bigger is obviously better, but not when it comes to trade shows. It’s all about perception, because the reality is bigger booths looks empty and stale in comparison to small booths that are full. Instead, you will get a better payoff by applying big ideas to smaller spaces. If your rival is getting a bigger booth, don’t get in the race and get an even bigger booth. Take those extra dollars and enhance your smaller booth.

2.     Booth Placement Matters

So, your booth is tucked away in a corner and you find yourself wishing you could have bribed your way to the center aisle in the main hall. Obviously, these sweet spots are hard to come by and ultimately the position of your booth doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. Consider other factors that actually work in your favor. For example, it’s a lot easier to set up and break down your booth when you are not in the center aisle. Those 30 minutes you save skipping the crowd, you can use to prepare and engage potential customers.

3.     Let’s Place Big Orders

If you think big brands will just stroll by your booth and place a large order, you are missing the concept of a trade show. Everyone at the show is just too busy and distracted to actually place any orders. Instead, you should focus on networking and building rapport with potential customers. Get proactive and set up meetings.

4.     No Technology Needed

There has been a drop in order writing at trade shows, mainly because people are too occupied and they think there just isn’t enough time to write down orders. This scenario is not preferable because you have retailers that want to buy, representatives that want to sell for commission and managers who have to meet quotas. Plus, you and your team just put in a lot of time and money for this booth. Your product team has diligently provided samples right on time and yet we are struggling to write down orders? Remedy this situation by investing in a mobile app. Draft orders with the app and email customers right away so they can review and finalize the order.

5.     Widening Your Network

While it’s important to build your network, it’s also essential you develop stronger relationships with those who are already in your network. This includes all people who have helped make your business successful and are continuing to do so, such as your internal team, reps and retailers. It could be anything, a fancy dinner or a trip to the pizzeria. Use this time to get feedback from everyone so that you can make the next show even better.