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Top 3 Reasons Why Modular Displays Are Better Than Custom Displays

When it comes to trade shows, choosing the correct type of display for your booth is just as important as the product or service that you are trying to push. Your display can either be modular, which means that it can be changed on-the-fly, or it can be customized, which means that it is pre-assembled and not adjustable. Here’s why you should always have a modular exhibit for your products!


If you are a trade show veteran, you know that anything can happen at these kinds of events. You may arrive to find your booth space is smaller than you thought, or maybe your company has made a major change to its product at the last minute. With a custom display, you would be unable to incorporate these changes at all, but with a modular display, updating the size and presentation of your exhibit is a snap (literally)!

 A Fresh Look 

Any trade show expert knows that you should keep your image fresh and sharp for your audience at all times. If you keep the same custom display show after show, your leads are going to become bored, and interest will dissipate. With a modular display, however, you can keep your booth looking new and different for each and every show.

Maximum Ease 

Custom displays are notoriously difficult to lug around when traveling. Modular displays, on the other hand, lets your representatives to build up and break down their booths without a hitch. You’ll be the first on the floor, and fast out the door once everybody is gone for the day.

Interested in learning more about modular displays for trade shows? Come talk to us, and see for yourself how remarkably versatile our display products can be!