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4 Common Trade Show Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Whether it’s your first trade show or your fortieth, the goal is always to get your product out there and generate a return on your investment. With that said, even the most experienced presenter has made at least one of these common trade show mistakes in their career, and maybe they even still are. Take a look at this list to make sure you aren’t one of them!

Jumbled Thoughts

Whatever industry you are in, your presentation should be streamlined and concise. The average person will give your display only a few seconds of consideration at best, so you have to make the most of this time and get your point across quickly. As such, make sure your display clearly identifies your company’s name, your industry, and a problem you are solving.

Irregular Upkeep

Too many exhibits start out looking fresh, only to gradually become dirty and unkempt as the trade show continues. You and your staff should always keep your booth clean and fully stocked at all times. Be sure to wipe away any smudges on your exhibit and pick up any trash others have left behind – assign a maintenance schedule if you need to.

Shunning the Competition

We all know that the trade shows are highly competitive, but sometimes industry rivals can be your strongest contacts. You never know when a future partnership might emerge, or maybe they’ll even accidentally give away some valuable insider information. Either way, always rub elbows with your industry rivals and make your presence known.

No Analysis Methods

You should have a way to capture attendance metrics and calculate a budget. A good presenter always knows how much an expo costs, and how much revenue they’ll need to generate to justify these expenses. Otherwise, you are making one of the most common trade show mistakes possible!