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3 Hot Follow-Up Strategies for Your Trade Show Leads

When it comes to trade shows, capturing leads is only half the battle – it’s what you do with them afterwards that matters most. Here are 3 strategies that will ensure you are doing all you can when following through with trade show leads.

 Email for Everyone

While the majority of your attention should be focused on contacting the most promising trade show leads personally, it’s important that every single person you have interacted receives a follow-up email. Avoid sending the same bland email out for every show (the subject heading should always include the specific name of trade show and the body should include your name, phone number, and personal email address). Be sure to include a picture of your trade show exhibit with lots of people around as a reminder of who you are, but make it small enough so as not to require excessive scrolling.

Present Multiple Calls to Action

A follow-up email should be highly interactive and invite the reader to do something after they are finished reading. For example, you can request them to watch a video presentation, download a whitepaper, subscribe to a newsletter, or ask for a demo. Whatever you do, be sure to avoid cliché phrases such as “for more information” or “to learn more”.

 Pace Yourself

It’s important not to bombard your leads with too many emails, but at the same time, infrequent updates will make them lose interest. A mobile app program such as iCapture or Quick Tap Survey can send out initial emails while you are busy capturing leads, while other programs such as MailChimp can be programmed to send 2-3 emails a day for a few days after the show ends.