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      March 2016

      How Have Trade Shows Changed Over The Years?

      If you have been attending trade shows for a long time, then you have probably noticed some new trade show trends that have evolved over the past couple of decades. If you are new to the trade show industry, however, here is a list of new trade show trends (along with an explanation of the old standard practices).

      Networking Over Information

      One of the many new trade show trends emphasizes the importance of meeting new contacts over learning new information. In the early days of exhibiting, trade shows were one of the only places you could find up-to-date industry information. With the invention of the internet, however, this is no longer the case – nowadays, the point is to generate leads and interest.

       You Better Be Accurate

      Exhibitors used to be able to get away with more half-truths and even bold-faced lies. Since everyone has their own personalized fact checker in their pocket, nowadays you have to double check your exhibit’s information and be sure not to embellish. Otherwise, you’re going to get called out on any and every inaccuracy when it comes to your booth’s information.

       No Free Admission

      Believe it or not, paying for attendance is a relatively new trade show trend. In the early days of exhibitions, everything was free and everyone was welcome. Now, however, exhibitions are becoming increasingly targeted – sometimes sponsors will even select their audience by invitation only and reject the rest.

       No Labor Monopoly

      Trade show management used to appoint you their own in-house contractor. This was a mandatory, non-negotiable (and usually outrageously high) charge. Thankfully, exhibitors are now allowed to choose their own staff as their please.

      SnapPanel Attends ExhibitorLIVE In Las Vegas

      SnapPanel made another strong showing this year in ExhibitorLIVE, the largest trade show in all of North America. This year celebrates its 28th anniversary (with no signs of slowing down). There were thousands of eager speculators in attendance, and we couldn’t be happier to spend five days in Las Vegas meeting the industry’s top officials and generating support.

      Our 20’ x 10’ SnapPanel booth turned more heads this year than we could have ever believed possible. This is our fourth showing in a row, and we keep getting more attention every year! Maybe it’s because we are able to redesign our booth so easily and look fresh for each and every show? People recognized the SnapPanel brand from previous years and eagerly took our merchandise and brochures.

      It was great to share trade show tips with other exhibitors and talk to them about how to manage exhibits, how to effectively measure the return of income, and other ways to develop future marketing strategies that will get our products into the hands of investors and backers from here and abroad. Everyone was very receptive to our brand and what we can do for their product. Don’t be surprised if more ExhibitorLIVE booths are using our panels!

      Overall, 2016 was a great showing for SnapPanel, and we can’t wait to be back in March of next year. To get the inside scoop on this massive trade show, click here. We hope to see you again in 2017 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas!Exhibitorlive Booth

      4 Unique Ways to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

      No matter how groundbreaking your idea might be, you are only going to generate as much interest as your trade show display allows. Here are 4 lesser-known micromanaging techniques and other unique ways to make your trade show display stand out this year.

      My Eyes Are Up Here

      Did you know that when it comes to trade show displays, height matters? You want your visitors to be able to see your message right away, so be sure to include all vital information above waist-level. Remember: trade shows are fast-paced events – if a visitor has to bend over just to see what your booth is about, then they probably won’t bother!

      Merch That Works

      By the end of the day, visitors are tired of being handed customized pens, key chains and stress balls. If you really want to make your trade show display stand out, you should hand out something they can really use, like bottles of water. You can even tear off the water bottle’s original label and replace it with a custom label of your own that displays your company’s logo for bonus advertisement.

      No Squinting Allowed

      Aside from being at the right height, make sure that your information is easily understandable. If you have visual aids (and you should), only use high resolution pictures so as to avoid fuzziness. As far as text goes, don’t use fancy fonts with swooping characters, excessive caps lock, or overly italicize words. These methods are distracting and will detract from your overall message.

      Come On In

      A booth should always invite the visitor to step in and take a look around. As such, avoid overcrowding your booth with furniture, merchandise, and staff. A well-designed booth should feel like a relaxed and welcoming refuge from the rest of the convention.