10-6 10′ Foot Portable Display System

10-6 10′ Foot Portable Display System

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Marketing is one of the most important, yet complex aspects of running a business. Regardless of the industry you’re in, it’s critical to get your name out to your target market and do what you can to grow and improve your business fast.

One way to accomplish those aforementioned goals is to attend trade shows in your industry. Trade shows provide companies with the chance to show off their goods and services to potential clients and/or vendors in their field.

If you are spending money on a trade show appearance, hopefully your product or service is valuable and unique in the market. If the trade show attendees are your target market, it’s time to demonstrate your value and show why they should award you their business.

If you have a product, or service that can be displayed, show its real-time value, focus on the value you can offer to the audience. Make the audience involved by using portable trade show display systems. The portable trade show display systems simplify the process of preparing for a trade show, and make it easy to highlight and arrange the products and services that you want others to see.

Snappanel helps businesses prepare for and execute successful trade shows by providing them high quality portable trade show displays. They have trade show panels and exhibits available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including these 10-6 10′ displays.

For more information, please contact Snappanel at your convenience. We are glad to share our experience to answer any questions you have about what products might fit your needs and goals, and how to make use of them for maximum impact.

10′ x 10′ Booth comes equipped with
32 2′ x 2′ Panels
4 Full Connectors
24 Full Hinged Connectors
8 Side Finish Connectors
1 Top Finish Connector
6 Top Hinged Connectors
2 Corner Connectors

Counters with storage comes equipped with
16 2′ x 2′ Panels
16 Full Hinged Connectors
8 Top Hinged Connectors

Weight 300.48 lbs
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