10-2 10′ Foot Portable Display System

10-2 10′ Foot Portable Display System

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Often, when businesses plan the logistics and funding of a trade show, they forget about the most important aspect of having a successful trade show: the execution.

In order to properly execute your plan at a trade show, it’s essential you have the tools needed to design and arrange a visually pleasing display board that aptly highlights your products and services.

If you are going to a trade show or plan to market at trade shows in the future then you’ll need an awesome portable trade show display system to grab the attention of customers and clients fast and showcase what your business has to offer. And having a good portable trade show display system can make or determine how your business does at the particular event.

A trade show display is a highly visible element about a company and its products. The company benefits from having a display by attracting visitors at shows that generate fast leads.

Snappanel has assisted businesses in a wide range of industries by providing them with the portable display boards they need to execute their plan at trade shows around the country. In fact, Snappanel has a vast inventory of boards to choose, including these 10-2 10′ foot displays, which provide businesses with a litany of options when they’re creating their trade show board.

If you would like to learn more about the different trade show display boards that Snappanel sells, or if you need help finding the right board for your business, please feel free to contact the experts at Snappanel.

10′ x 10′ Booth comes equipped with
24 2′ x 2′ Panels
4 Full Connectors
16 Full Hinged Connectors
8 Side Finish Connectors
1 Top Finish Connector
4 Top Hinged Connectors
2 Corner connectors

Weight 150.16 lbs
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