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      Trade Show Display Ideas

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      When running a booth for a trade show display, you want to be the one that stops visitors in their tracks. Sure, some people will pass by your booth without looking, but when you have a great display, you dramatically reduce that number. Find a way to grab the attention of attendees that still represents your brand. Think of the Pistachio commercial with Stephen Colbert:

      Using your Snappanel, make your booth is well-lit and consistent.

      • Consider your target market. If you’re at a trade show, you know who they are and what they love to do and what they’re looking for. Use that information to your advantage.
      • Give them something. People love free things or even coupons. Give them a reason to contact you again.
      • Determine the color scheme for decorations based on your logo colors and brand identity.

      Once you have people at your booth, you have to find a way to keep them there. Attracting people is only half the battle because they can leave just as quickly as they came. People at trade shows are always moving and milling through booths, find a way to stop them, keep them there. You want them to linger.

      As stated above, people love getting things for free; people love swag. The best part is, when you give away a pen, T-shirt, or hat with your logo on it, you’re spreading awareness about your brand. Sometimes giving away swag at trade shows is your best marketing move. It all depends on what you offer and the demographic you’re trying to reach.


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