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      February 2015

      What to Give Away at a Trade Show

      trade show giveaways

      People coming to trade shows are there to see new products, meet new people and expand their business.

      How exactly are you going to attract people to your booth and attract people to stay and talk about your business? Many companies have giveaways to bring in the crowds. There are many different options to consider when you are deciding what giveaway you want to do.

      You may want to give away the best thing at the show so people know your name, but not all companies can afford to give away iPads or even knock off mp3 players.

      To help you decide what would be best to give away at your trade show, we have complied a few things you should ask yourself while going through the decision making process.

      1. Cost– This is the first thing you need to consider. You want to save money on what you are giving away but you don’t want to seem too cheap. Make sure the item you are buying is worth the money you are spending and getting the message across you wants.

      2. Intriguing– You want to find a product or item that will stick in the person’s mind. Moving away from the typical and giving them something different than other booths will surely do the trick. Think outside the box- something other than pens, cups, or brochures.

      3. Branding– Make sure you are using this opportunity to get your name out there. The best way to do this is have your logo or tag line printed right on the item. Every time someone uses the item, they will see your name and remember what you are about.

      For more advice on a stellar trade show booth, contact us at Snappanel today!

      Graphic Design Tips For Your Display Panels

      graphic design for trade showsPlanning for an upcoming trade show is exciting for entrepreneurs and marketers. There are so many details that must be addressed to make the show successful; from social media promotion, to choosing the best products and attractions for your exhibit. However, many businesses neglect to give the same amount of attention to their graphic designs, when these are the pictures that will stick in the minds of your attendees.

      Here are a few tips to make sure that your display panel graphics are as memorable as your products and services:

      Consider the design of your substrate:

      Fabric is often an obvious choice for exhibitors, but it is wise to remember that you must consider the trade show environment before choosing. Fabrics can also be very costly and affect the bottom line of your trade show budget. There are other types of materials that can work for your substrate.

      Also consider what kinds of designs you will choose. Will the designs need to be sewed on? If you plan to use the substrate over and over again, a form of design with an adhesive would be best for durability.

      The size of your imagery:

      In these times of mobile technology, the size of your graphics must be considered. Large graphics can appear distorted on smartphones or pc tablets. The user will most likely need to print them out to see them correctly. And printers are not as common or convenient as they used to be years ago.

      Knowing how you want your imagery to appear to the viewer will help you to choose the proper sizing and centering for your images on the substrate.

      Get professional help with photographing your image:

      In this world of selfies, many of us think we are true photographers. We snap our pictures, run them through an online editing software or phone app, and voila! We believe we have taken the perfect picture. Usually, this is not the case. Images need to be taken with the proper resolution and formatting to have a professional look once placed as a graphic on display panels. Once pictures are blown up, you can see the errors and distortions much more easily. Seeking professional help in the area of creating your imagery is a place in your trade show budget where you will not want to cut corners.


      The Best Advantages of Portable Display Stands

      lightweight display standsMarketing experts and corporate event planners, both know all too well, the importance of display advertising. Trade shows, conferences, and promotional events, are all ways that marketers display and introduce their products and services to the public. The quality and types of display panels and stands are crucial to the aesthetics and success of any marketing event.

      Bulky displays containing heavy-duty hardware can be difficult to set up and take down, along with being quite costly. Many marketing display problems are remedied with the latest in portable display stands. They are made with lightweight hardware and are easy to use, set up, deploy, and reuse. Portable display panels are also cost effective for businesses and marketers.


      Additional benefits of using portable display stands like Snappanels:

      • They are so easy to assemble, a beginner can do it.
      • Portable display stands save money, by reducing costs in multiple areas; storage, labor, and transportation.
      • The high durability of portable display stands allows them to endure repeated use and rough handling.
      • Portable display stands are flexible and versatile. They can be used for many different types of marketing layouts.
      • They also take up less space, which ends up saving businesses even more money because event space can be very expensive. The less space you need, the more economical the event.

      It is highly important to make sure that your displays are of excellent quality. Quality stands and displays will be manufactured to last, and to look and work beautifully after multiple uses.