20-11 20′ Foot Portable Display System

20-11 20′ Foot Portable Display System

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Trade shows provide companies with a wonderful opportunity to draw qualified and fast leads to their business. As well, it’s an ideal time to network with other professionals, and find other companies that you may be able to work with.

That said, if you do not have an appealing trade show booth that catches the eye of others, it may be difficult to accomplish your goals. Fortunately, SnapPanel can help.

Portable trade show display system is vital and important for your event showing and essential for first impression. Our 10-foot display includes designs for brands seeking a more staid and trusty look. Our professionals are happy to answer all the questions you may have about our products and which ones fit your brand.

Your portable trade show display system has the demanding job of bringing fast attention as well as it carries out several other important functions. Your 10-foot display can serve as a barrier and an easy way to direct people’s eyes and movement where you want them. It also makes users to take a closer look, drawing interest.

We provide businesses with portable trade show display systems that allow them to fashionably merchandise their products, or highlight their special services or promotions. One of the most popular display systems we sell is our 20-foot display configuration, which provides businesses with ample space to convey “who they are.” With so many configurations of 20-foot display for trade shows to choose from, you’re sure to get the solution that suits your marketing and messaging needs.

The display configurations come in solid or slatwall models and can be outfitted with over 500 different fabric color options, as well as a slew of laminates and accessories, such as hooks, brackets, shelves and other choices.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about our products.

20′ x 20′ Booth comes equipped with
44 2′ x 2′ Panels
8 1′ x 2′ Vertical Half Panels
5 2′ x 1′ Horizontal Half Panels
26 Full Connectors
28 Full Hinged Connectors
8 Side Finish Connectors
6 Top Finish Connectors
4 Top Hinged Connectors
2 Corner Connectors

Weight 319.34 lbs
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