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      Making Trade Shows Inbound Marketing Friendly

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      Trade shows are standardized and essential to your business needs, but a specific challenge facing nearly every participant is how to twist these events into an inbound marketing event. Typically the process is the same for everyone:

      –          You register, design your pitch, and select your level of participation (sponsorship packages, floor placement, etc.).
      –          You arrive, set up your booth, and go through the motions of presenting to anyone who will listen.
      –          You leave, return to your office, and analyze the usefulness of joining in the event.

      Did you get any solid leads? Did you develop any game-changing partnerships? More than likely you’re shrugging your shoulders and hoping for the best. You got your message out there, so now it’s time to reap the benefits…but what if there aren’t any?

      Sure, trade shows are essential and they have a chance of paying out through new business. However, compare how much you spent on attending and designing your presentation against your expected return. Was it actually worth it, just based on the pure financials?

      That’s why making a trade show a success method of inbound marketing is so essential. Stop wasting money! Here are the steps toward making a trade show a better opportunity for your company:

      1. Establish a plan. Don’t just stand at your booth and shout at people as they walk by. Set specific metrics to target and track.
      2. Create a pre- and post-show strategy. Promote your attendance, devise an incentive of attracting people to you prior to the show, and also promote a call to action for follow-up for interested parties after the show.
      3. Develop original material. Do not show up using the same material from the last show you attending. Everything needs to be fresh and unique!
      4. Nurture your leads.  Receive a commitment to follow-up from the interested party and then commit yourself to developing the lead further. Crossed fingers won’t win business.
      5. Dump the giveaways. You don’t need to hand out pens and totes to win business. Deals close through follow-up and accountability, not because you stuffed someone’s arms full of junk. Save money by forgetting about free giveaway trinkets.

      By using inbound marketing techniques, you will be targeting the right people and getting the most out of your advertising efforts. And who doesn’t like efficiency?


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