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      The Best Advantages of Portable Display Stands

      lightweight display standsMarketing experts and corporate event planners, both know all too well, the importance of display advertising. Trade shows, conferences, and promotional events, are all ways that marketers display and introduce their products and services to the public. The quality and types of display panels and stands are crucial to the aesthetics and success of any marketing event.

      Bulky displays containing heavy-duty hardware can be difficult to set up and take down, along with being quite costly. Many marketing display problems are remedied with the latest in portable display stands. They are made with lightweight hardware and are easy to use, set up, deploy, and reuse. Portable display panels are also cost effective for businesses and marketers.


      Additional benefits of using portable display stands like Snappanels:

      • They are so easy to assemble, a beginner can do it.
      • Portable display stands save money, by reducing costs in multiple areas; storage, labor, and transportation.
      • The high durability of portable display stands allows them to endure repeated use and rough handling.
      • Portable display stands are flexible and versatile. They can be used for many different types of marketing layouts.
      • They also take up less space, which ends up saving businesses even more money because event space can be very expensive. The less space you need, the more economical the event.

      It is highly important to make sure that your displays are of excellent quality. Quality stands and displays will be manufactured to last, and to look and work beautifully after multiple uses.

      Tips for Planning a Successful Art Exhibit

      art showAttendees at an art show expect to see beauty and interesting visuals all around them. All displays and panels should be coordinated with the design and color scheme of the show. Vivid, interesting, striking art should not be displayed upon a shabby background or with generic display panels.

      Artists dedicated to creating a stellar exhibit understand the importance of seeking professional collaborators to assist with the displays, and the decorative and functional panels. A professional company will be able to make suggestions for personalized panels that will suit each type of display. Allowing the artists and coordinators to focus on the remainder of the art show and also allowing the guest to be interactive with art pieces that require experiencing sound and touch.

      Be Positive

      Your excitement and enthusiasm is crucial to selling your art. Be joyful and positive about the event itself. See it in your mind as a celebration party to share your work and the work of others, if you are partnering in this event.

      Have Cards Printed With Your Bio

      Having special cards designed specifically for the event is a way you can be sure that every guest walks away with a reminder and some information as to who you are. Giving out cards during the show also gives you, as the artist, an opportunity to meet some of your guests and make a personal impression upon them.

      Don’t Hesitate to Hire Professional Assistance

      Particularly, if you are holding the art show in a space that requires defining and decorating; choosing quality display equipment and panels, will help to make your show stand out above the average art exhibit.

      Try To Have a Varied Selection of Art

      More artists will sell more art if there are pieces ranging from the everyday decorative art to the avant garde; or pieces ranging from the affordable to the rare luxury pieces of art. The more choices art lovers have, the more likely the art will sell, and the artist’s names and styles will be remembered.


      Dress Code for Trade Shows

      dress codeTrade shows are a way to represent your company in a light that your audience may never have seen it in before.

      First thing you want to do is have a killer eye catching display, but you have that covered with Snappanels. Next you need to dress the part. What exactly is that dress code and how should you apply it to your business?

      If you were a buyer in the market for your company’s items, would you approach the company with a great display but poorly dressed employees? Probably not. Our brains would tell us that the company has spent a lot of money trying to use smoke and mirrors to bring us in and see their subpar product.

      Instead you would be more inclined to speak to someone in a very minimum dress of business casual. Different trade shows will require different dress codes; no two will be exactly alike. If you have had business partners go to a certain trade show before, don’t be afraid to ask them what was appropriate and what wasn’t.

      When in doubt, over-dress. You will never look silly for looking like an extremely prepared business man or woman, but you would look silly if you looked like poor college student trying to pass as a business person.

      Now that you have dressed for success and you have a killer presentation you are sure to have the confidence you need to get out there and sell it. One last rule of thumb is to be sure you put on a smile, you will become instantly more approachable and you’re never fully dressed without a smile.


      How To Use Social Media For Success

      social mediaOnce you have properly organized your conference displays, and have everything you need set-up for an impressive showing; what is the next step to standing out above the rest of all the other conference attendees in your industry?

      Getting the word out about your products and displays at the next conference, is a vital, but often neglected, part of business success. Your product demos are professionally constructed and your panels for your equipment and booth set-up, are made of quality materials and look pristine. Now, the key is to have people attend, who are there to view what you have to offer; and there is no better way to move forward in your steps to a successful conference showing, than the use of Social Media.

      Though social media is becoming a more common way of marketing products and showcases; there are still many business owners who simply don’t know how to utilize it effectively. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumbler, are just a few of the avenues available on the internet to share information with consumers, and other businesses who are interested in your products and services.

      Let us begin with email.

      Email is more commonly used these days for marketing purposes. We have Facebook and texting, for personal communication; so emailing has become the perfect way to connect with customers and colleagues. Begin to build your email lists many weeks prior to the conference or showcase. Send out notices and pictorials once a week to your contact list. Be sure to include the dates and location of the conference and what you will be introducing as a product or service.

      Strategize your use of Twitter and Facebook.

      If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of using Social media to spread the word; hire an assistant, or use one of the many online scheduling applications on the internet, to organize your information and send it out in a consistent manner. These social media scheduling sites and apps make it easy for you to choose relevant tweets and posts, and also choose the times you wish the app to send the messages. It would be wise to do just a small amount of research to find the best times to tweet and post to your specific following.

      Don’t forget to tweet and post to Facebook during the conference.

      With the aforementioned apps and websites; you can schedule tweets and posts to be delivered throughout the conference. There will always be followers and subscribers who will get the urge at the last minute, to come out to meet you. Connecting with potential customers and colleagues during the event is of utmost importance to your overall success.

      YouTube is a powerful tool.

      In a visual world of products and displays; YouTube can be one of the most powerful social media tools today. Reading tweets and posts on a consistent basis is effective; but even more so, when there is a visual attached. Record a mini version of your display booth and showcase one or two of your products and services, a few weeks or a couple months, before the conference. Allow your customers, clients and colleagues to become visually familiar with your work.

      If you feel in any way daunted by the use of social media platforms for marketing purposes; there are many virtual assistants and tools that can help you through the process.

      Professional panels and displays are the first major step to a successful conference showing; but the next step is to get the word out, in an organized and consistent way.


      Tips for Pricing Your Items for a Trade Show

      trade show pricingYou have a new product or even a spin on an old product and you are trying to find the best pricing strategy for your business. In the end it all boils down to two different but simple strategies. You can either go with under pricing or over pricing.

      Yes you would like to believe there is the one that is just right but in the consumers eye you will always be over or under. Not many people go to buy an item and think the price is 100 % fair without at least looking at a competitor product. Usually that is first thing people do. Even with a candy bar, when you are standing in the grocery store and you feel that need for a candy bar and you look over at the rack. You do not just grab the first candy bar you see and buy, unless you’re in a hurry, you look at what there is to offer and you decide what candy bar has the best value.

      Many people looking at this candy rack will buy a median priced candy bar. It is a science and an art. They buy the median priced candy bar because they cheapest candy bar doesn’t sound appealing; they want the candy bar they think their money is worth. Most people will not go for the most expensive candy bar as they think they can have the product at a lower price. This same thought process can be applied to any product out there on the market.

      When pricing your items for a trade show start with surveying friends and family. They can give you an honest opinion about what the product is worth and they can also help you figure out who your target market is.

      When you know who your target market is you can figure out how much disposable income they have and how much they would be willing to spend you would not try to market a $300 microwave to a college student. But you would market that same microwave to men and women in the 25-45 range. Those people will see the value in your item and they will want to buy. That demographic has more disposable income to spend on your microwave than a college student.

      Lastly you need to think about how much it cost you to make the product. You shouldn’t expect to see too much of a profit when you first start out, but your profits will increase over time as you increase in sales and have a successful company.