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      Advantages to Having a Durable Display

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      snappanelIt’s happened so many times. You’re at a show trying to set up your display, and suddenly someone bumps into it and it comes crashing down or hits something nearby. It is a good thing that the displays at Snappanel are durable enough where every day life will not become a problem.


      You want to have confidence in your display when you are showcasing your work and your talents. The last thing that should be on your mind is whether or not it will stand up to the test of daily life and all that comes with it- we have that part covered for you.


      These displays can also be used outside as well; they will not be compromised due to heat and/or moisture or water. So don’t worry if your art show takes place outdoors in the heat- your Snappanel display will be up for the test. The plastic make up will allow for you to be able to carry it around wherever you need to, but it will be strong enough to handle whatever you put on it.


      Snappanel displays also pass the impact drop test. As long as your valuables are not damaged, then you can really have the freedom to take your display anywhere.


      You can use either three or four way connectors that will give your configuration even more strength- at the joints where it really counts.


      You can easily assemble these slatted displays to fit any occasion or any type of event. Check out our site to see the rest of the advantages!

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