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      August 2014

      Engaging With Potential Customers at Conferences


      When engaging potential customers and clients at conferences, you want them to feel as if they’ve left with something. Making a big impression on your audience is the perfect way to leave your name or brand in their minds long after the conference.

      The most successful conferences share one common thread: exciting engagement. Below, you’ll find a list of ideas and tips for creating the best possible experience at a conference.

      • Treat all professional levels the same, and focus on engaging everyone, even the rookies and those about to retire. Have something for everyone.
      • Create fun conversation starters and activates for attendees. They help make conversing and networking more comfortable for guests.
      • QR codes go a long way for quickly sending links and/or information. Be sure to include QR codes wherever is beneficial for visitors to scan.
      • Plan the presentations and setup of the conference in advance. Don’t wait until the day of to decide where and when you will set everything up.
      • Offer fun activities with rewards like scavenger hunts or other intriguing icebreakers.
      • Separate the educational areas from the just for fun areas.
      • Ensure after every talk, people know what to take away from the conversation.
      • Create organized sections for easy networking, or better yet, ditch the paper business cards! Some conferences use digital passes as business cards; attendees can scan information from other attendees!
      • Target specific demographics with certain talks and activities for varying tastes and opinions. Again, offer something for everyone.

      Overall, the only tip that matters is this one: squeeze every minute for all it’s worth. At a conference, you’re surrounded by many like-minded people who are interested in networking. This opportunity won’t be around forever so use this time to learn, network, and grow.

      6 Tips for Having an Awesome Trade Show Booth

      trade show

      Many of us have been to trade shows where we see booth after booth of boring cloth backdrops. But what should you do to get your booth to stand out? Here is a list of tips and tricks:

      • Make your booth as unique as possible. Being a part of a trade show is a large investment in the first place, so why not go all out? Using Snappanel, this is an investment that you can use for years to come. Versatility is also going to get you extra points.
      • Invest in promotional items. Pens are somewhat overdone, so if you are really looking to stand out from the crowd, then you will need to step it up a bit.
      • Host a game with prizes to give away. Find a fun game that is relevant to your industry. It will grab people’s attention, make you stand out, and will also help to drive the idea of your product home.
      • Make sure to give demonstrations of your product or service. When people can see first hand how something works, they are much more likely to become interested in it, especially once they see that it works well. Getting viewers involved will also help place the product in their hand (literally), which will put them one step closer to buying it and telling their friends to buy some as well.
      • Use technology. Your stand could be snazzed up in many ways with the help if technology. Touch screens add a big value to marketing because it is one more way that the services can be interactive and get people involved. The use of technology will also do a lot in the name of educating your consumers.
      • Lastly, use social media. Everyone and their brother is on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you are using these sites then you will be on their mind for far longer because they will see your brand in more than one place. It may even be that thing that makes a customer decide to use your business!

      Advantages to Having a Durable Display

      snappanelIt’s happened so many times. You’re at a show trying to set up your display, and suddenly someone bumps into it and it comes crashing down or hits something nearby. It is a good thing that the displays at Snappanel are durable enough where every day life will not become a problem.


      You want to have confidence in your display when you are showcasing your work and your talents. The last thing that should be on your mind is whether or not it will stand up to the test of daily life and all that comes with it- we have that part covered for you.


      These displays can also be used outside as well; they will not be compromised due to heat and/or moisture or water. So don’t worry if your art show takes place outdoors in the heat- your Snappanel display will be up for the test. The plastic make up will allow for you to be able to carry it around wherever you need to, but it will be strong enough to handle whatever you put on it.


      Snappanel displays also pass the impact drop test. As long as your valuables are not damaged, then you can really have the freedom to take your display anywhere.


      You can use either three or four way connectors that will give your configuration even more strength- at the joints where it really counts.


      You can easily assemble these slatted displays to fit any occasion or any type of event. Check out our site to see the rest of the advantages!